How to Fill Out an Appointment Schedule for Weeks Ahead

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Getting services online today has become not a privilege but a necessity.

Let's figure out how businesses in the service industry can ensure full appointment scheduling using digital tools:

1. Enable Online Booking 

Online booking is:

- A fundamental tool for any company or professional

Allows your clients to quickly and conveniently schedule appointments - they can view available schedules and select the most suitable date at any time of the day. This means a client will complete the booking with you rather than abandoning it due to long response times.

- Efficient time management

You can easily organize your time, avoid overloads or empty intervals between appointments. You can also reduce no-shows easily as clients are reminded automatically about their appointments.

- Customer analytics

You can utilize analytics tools to identify your clients' preferences, which services they book more frequently, and through which channels. For example, you can offer discounts on less popular services.

Connecting to online booking in DIKIDI is free, and you can easily monitor analytics and manage appointments in the Appointment Journal.

2. Join the DIKIDI Online Catalog 

Benefits of being listed in the catalog:

- Attracting new clients

DIKIDI Online is a popular catalog of companies and professionals in the service industry, visited by 5 million unique users per month. 

To make clients notice you immediately in the catalog, simply enable Premium placement. Additionally, in a special section, you can offer promotions for your services, such as discounts for first-time visits.

- Retaining regular clients 

Clients can easily access the app and rebook the same service, as well as check their appointment history. Also, in your DIKIDI Business profile, you can set up loyalty programs - clients like receiving gifts and paying with bonuses.

- Brand promotion

It's important to be memorable to clients - create an attractive profile in the catalog, interact with clients by responding to reviews, and add a photo portfolio of your work. Additionally, you will have your own page on the Internet without the need to develop your own.

    DIKIDI's system "boosts" popular profiles and profiles with the DIKIDI Awards - they become noticeable and receive more attention.

    In conclusion, connecting to the DIKIDI platform will allow you to effectively manage your business - fill appointments, save time, and redirect necessary resources for development.

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